The Lock-Keeper’s Cottage and Other Stories


20 short stories from local author Anne Merrick, the final one in the collection is set in Topsham

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Varying widely in mood, setting and even in length, the twenty short stories in this collection immediately engage the reader’s imagination, as we see the attractive characters who inhabit them attempting valiantly to understand the circumstances in which they find themselves and to make the best of them.

Many of the stories explore the theme of family history and the passage of time, and examine how the legacy we all inherit from our forebears can surface in unexpected ways.

Funny, sad, exotic, homely, thought-provoking, charming and deeply satisfying by turns, this collection is one that may be dipped into at random, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself drawn from one story to another and – arriving suddenly at the last page – determine to go back and read them all over again!

The final story in the collection is set in Topsham and called The Lock-Keeper’s Cottage.

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