Topsham Lock, the Lower Sluice & the Back Gut


Tom Epton’s extensive exploration of the Lock’s special place in Topsham

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When seen across the River Exe from the Town, Topsham Lock with its Lock Keeper’s Cottage is an iconic and beloved part of Topsham’s social and visual fabric. It presents a scene so often photographed and painted, with its noble Lock Walls framing the Entrance for Ships to access on the high tide the adjacent Ship Canal.

This Book is an extensive exploration of the Lock’s special place in Topsham, with a fascinating archive of history, legal battles, personalities and stories.

Tom Epton, with valued support from the Town’s community, has teased out of the tangled web surrounding the Lock a Story of its conception, its construction and its operation over the last two Centuries, even if today it stands in tragic decay.

The important date of 1829 is approaching with the publication of this book and its bicentennial significance will become apparent to the reader.

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By Tom Epton

Hardback, 164 pages, 163 x 240mm

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