Topsham’s White Street and the Newfoundland Trade


18th century connections between Topsham’s White Street and the Newfoundland fisheries trade

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Penny Bayer explores 18th century connections between White Street, Topsham and the Newfoundland fisheries trade. This booklet highlights the previously unremarked commercial role of White Street, close to Topsham Quay, customs point for the port of Exeter. Land in White Street was owned successively by families who increased their wealth through trade with Newfoundland. Some captains and mariners for Newfoundland also lived in the street. The lower end of White Street provided cellars and lofts for storage of goods for export as well as a malt house and granary producing beer and spirits for local use and probably also for export.
The primary case study is of John Follett (1701 – 1786) and his son John Junior (1733 – 1798) both of whose trade, duties and property rights in Newfoundland are presented. This case study is amplified with evidence of other White Street merchants and sea captains to Newfoundland.

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