Jigsaw of Strand Houses, Topsham


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Painted by Vin Jelly in 1986, the oval depiction of houses along the Strand in Topsham forms an elaborate ceiling image in one of them. As well as the buildings, some of the boats owned by residents over the years can be seen on the Exe Estuary. The seasons pass as an imaginary walk along the Strand takes place, and both the frontages and the hidden rear gardens of the houses can be seen.

Please note: the title ‘An Oval View of Strand Houses, Topsham’ perfectly describes the artist’s original painting. However, we couldn’t find a UK jigsaw manufacturer with an oval cutter, so we had to make it rectangular and fill the 4 corners of said rectangle. This was done using cloud formations taken from the painting. The picture on the front of the box is the artist’s oval image, and the other one displayed in the product detail is the jigsaw in its rectangular entirety – with clouds.

This jigsaw consists of 1000 pieces and includes a very large colour picture guide. Finished size 66 x 50cm.


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